JOE DUFFEY [TCRG, NASM-CPT, Fuse Pilates-Certified] is an award-winning Irish dancer and fitness professional from Washington, DC. He was a cast member in Riverdance as well as Lord of the Dance, notably performing on the West End of London and on Broadway, where he performed alongside Irish dance legend Michael Flatley.  

Joe has been a student of Pilates for many years and credits it with helping in his career successes. He earned his comprehensive Pilates mat teacher certification in 2014 from Fuse Pilates, an innovative Pilates studio in Washington, DC. While on tour with Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, Joe trained the cast regularly in Pilates in order to maintain the high level of fitness required. His workouts proved highly popular, inspiring him to share his Pilates expertise with aspiring dancers and professionals alike.  

The result is Celticore: a combination of Joe’s fun, high-energy teaching style with a strategic repertoire of Pilates exercises designed to enhance Irish dance training inspired by the Fuse method. Celticore Online Studio launched in May 2016, and has since received tremendous positive feedback about the benefits of the program. Celticore has been featured in Irish Dancing Magazine and has been recognized by world champions and top dancers from major shows for assisting in their career successes.

Joe has been invited to teach Celticore workshops all over the world including a recent occasion in Australia, and Joe has headed the Pilates program at Camp Rince Ceol for the past two summers. He is proud to share the amazing benefits of Pilates to Irish dancers everywhere, so that they may find their own #successatthecore.

Also known for his footwork and rhythm mastery, learn more about Joe's professional dance career here.


ERIN MURPHY  (Social Media + Marketing Manager)

ERIN MURPHY (Social Media + Marketing Manager)

KENDAL GRIFFLER  (Outreach Coordinator)

KENDAL GRIFFLER (Outreach Coordinator)

DEIRDRE HAMILTON  (Celticore Online Studio Instructor, Pilates + Barre)

DEIRDRE HAMILTON (Celticore Online Studio Instructor, Pilates + Barre)

MOIRA RAGEN  (Celticore Online Studio Instructor, Ballet + Modern Dance)

MOIRA RAGEN (Celticore Online Studio Instructor, Ballet + Modern Dance)

Official Celticore Ambassador - Saoirse Deboy (WORLD CHAMPION)

Official Celticore Ambassador - Kevinah Dargan (WORLD CHAMPION)

Celticore Instagram Partner - Megan Daly

Celticore Instagram Partner - Ciara McGovern

Celticore founder Joe Duffey, professional dancer with Riverdance, certified TCRG, NASM-CPT and Pilates Instructor.