The perfect cross-training tool for ALL dancers, beginner to champion.


Celticore will teach you how to breathe properly, a vital part of your dance endurance. Deep breathing helps to efficiently distribute oxygen in your body whether in practice, competition or performance.


Core Work

A strong core is essential for success in Irish dance. Celticore delivers a complete core workout with emphasis on deep abdominal activation to help improve your posture, stamina and so much more. We believe that success is at the core!

Irish Dance Form 

Exercises used in Celticore workouts are specially adapted for Irish dancers. For example, you'll often be reminded to cross and turn out your feet!  Your TCRG will be happy!


Classical Pilates Repertoire 

Founder Joseph Pilates worked closely with modern dance pioneers in the 20th century, implementing the "6 Principles of Pilates" to enhance dance technique: Breath, Centering, Concentration, Precision, Control, and Flow. 

Fuse Method

Celticore is a Fuse Method workout, an innovative style of Pilates which incorporates Barre, Yoga and other fitness styles. The Fuse studio, based in Washington, DC, is where Celticore founder Joe Duffey received his Pilates certification.


Intelligent Movement

Celticore is a form-focused workout that reinforces the idea of proprioception, body spatial awareness, an aspect critical for navigating every stage you step foot on. Our goal is to help Irish dancers cross-train smarter.


Inherent in the Pilates discipline, the Celticore program incorporates Irish dance-relevant stretching and flexibility work into each workout, so Celticore is great as a warm-up or cool-down as well.


Injury Prevention

Irish dance is incredibly demanding on the body. As a low-impact activity, Celticore helps dancers minimize risk of injury by working muscles that stabilize & strengthen areas of the body exposed to stress while dancing.

Watch the principles of Celticore in action: